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Medical Assistant Program Online

Nationally Accredited & Certified

What is a Medical Assistant?
Medical assistant is an allied health occupation. Medical assistants perform administrative and/or clinical tasks to support the work of physicians and other health professionals.

How long does the program take to complete?

Our program is designed to be very flexible. The program is self-paced and allows students to study online anytime at their convenience. There are no time limits or deadlines. Most students study online about6- 10 hours a week and finish in 4-6 weeks.However, since the program self-paced you can complete the program at pace and time that is most comfortable for you.

What are the prerequisites needed for the program? Do I need a high school diploma?
We have an open enrollment policy, however we recommend student have a high school or GED diploma for this program.

Is the medical assistant program accredited or certified?
Yes! Our medical assistant program is both nationally accredited and certified by the National Accreditation and Certification Board (NACB) tm. , The NACB is a private non-governmental third party business and professional health accreditation organization.

Why is accreditation important?
The purpose of school accreditation is to use standards of evaluation to ensure quality education, encourage institutions to improve quality of education, ensure the accountability of educational institutions and to provide public confidence in educational institutions. The accreditation process ensures the review of educators, recruiting practices, admissions procedures, course content, and more. Influenced and affected by the role of accreditors, schools are accountable for continually working to improve the quality and results of the education they provide.  Employers often look for proof that their job applicants have received their education from an academic program with accreditation.

Is there help available if I have a question or program when taking the program?
Yes! We are always available to assist should you have a question, problem or concern.

Is the program as effective as older traditional classroom instruction?
Yes! Most university studies show distance (online) education to be much more effective than the older traditional classroom methods, distance education graduates are much more successful then students completing the older traditional classes and more likely to be hired in today's job market.

What is the total cost of the program?

All students need to pay the program tuition fee and purchase the required textbook. There are no additional costs associate with this program.

Is there a separate testing fee?
No. The cost of the exam is included in the tuition fee

.Do I have to go to a separate testing center?
No. The medical assistant exam is completely online. After completing the classes you will email your test answers directly to our testing center. Most students receive their exam results in 1-2 business days.

Do I need any special software, computer or equipment for this program? No. All that is needed is a computer or mobile devise with an internet connection to complete the program.

Do I need to retake classes that I have already taken in another school or program?

No. You do not have to retake classes that you have already taken or have past experience in, however you will still have to pass the online comprehensive Medical Assistant exam at the end of the program. Also, the tuition is the same regardless of the number of classes you take, since we charge a flat tuition fee for the program and not per class.

Do I receive a certificate after completing the program?

Yes! After completing the program students are sent their medical assistant certificate  and an official copy of the program  transcripts.

Will my certificate have "online program" printed on it?
No.Students are awarded a traditional program certificate.

Can I register with a friend at the discounted "Group Rate"?

Yes. If you register together with a friend, relative or co-worker you may enroll at the reduced "group rate" .

Can I register with a friend at the "Group Rate" using separate credit cards?
Yes. Just click on the
"enroll now" link and on the registration webpage enter the quantity as 1 in the group registration box. After all members in your group have completed the registration please send a follow-up email to us with the names of all students in your group.

How do I register for the program?
Just click on the
“enroll now”link at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

I have additional questions that where not answered on this page. Who do I contact?

You may send an email to our student services department at

You may also call our registration office directly at 1.888.482.8941

Frequently Asked Questions